Ellman Realty Advisors is a New York City based commercial real estate company specializing in the leasing and purchase of office and retail space in the capacity of broker and/or consultant.

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Tenants count on us to advise them in all phases of the decision making process associated with evaluating the specific real estate needs of their business and guiding them through what can otherwise be a long and sometimes difficult process.

Often this means finding the perfect location for their business and negotiating the best terms. If your company is looking for new or additional office or retail space, or if you are looking to dispose of excess space, we can often help you save time and money. You will have the benefit of working with a seasoned industry professional who possesses a thorough knowledge of the market and has a proven record in lease negotiations.

We will:

  • Take the time to understand your unique requirements.
  • Provide up-to-date market surveys which provide information relating to space availablity, rates, terms and when required, historical and statistical details.
  • Provide checklists for effective property comparisons.
  • Assist with architectural and engineering needs.
  • Develop a winning negotiation strategy to provide the utmost in flexibility in your new lease
  • Consult with your attorney in the review of all legal documentation
  • Work with you through occupancy and beyond
  • By engaging us as your exclusive broker these services can be provided at no cost to you!

depend on us to identify qualified tenants through targeted marketing. We help landlords lease or sell their properties to qualified prospects. We have state of the art technology, comprehensive market data and the energy and commitment to effectively market office, retail and investment properties.

Tenants | Landlords | Testimonials | Relocation | Renewal | Renegotiation

Testimonials: satisfied clients and customers are our greatest asset

There is no better marketing than word of mouth. We pride ourselves on our reputation and the satisfaction of our clients and customers. Read testimonials of individuals whom we have represented and learn more about what makes us stand apart from the rest.

You can count on us to provide you with knowledge of the marketplace, skills at negotiations that only experience can provide and a commitment to go beyond the call of duty in satisfying your real estate requirements.

Tenants | Landlords | Testimonials | Relocation | Renewal | Renegotiation


Thinking of moving? We can help, at no cost to you!

We can help find the perfect location for your business and negotiate the best terms for you.

We can help you find a new business location. Typical reasons for business relocation include a need for larger or smaller space, more modern space, a better building / landlord, better economics or a more functional business layout / location.

All at no cost to you.

Tenants | Landlords | Testimonials | Relocation | Renewal | Renegotiation

When it is time for you to renew your lease, we can save you money through negotiations to obtain leasing concessions such as free rent, Landlord financed tenant improvements (TI's) and extension options.

We will:

  • Review your current lease agreement
  • Advise you of money saving lease issues
  • Provide current comparable market data
  • Assist in documenting transaction
  • Negotiate on your behalf

Tenants | Landlords | Testimonials | Relocation | Renewal | Renegotiation

Renegotiation and Subleasing
Do you have too much or too little space and still have time remaining on your lease? We can help. Maybe you can renegotiate or sublet your space.

You may have options you are not familiar with. Ellman Realty Advisors can help you analyze your options. Before beginning any lease renegotiations or subleases, contact us today for a free consultation.

For more information send e-mail to [email protected] or call Marc O. Ellman at (212) 929-3200.

Tenants | Landlords | Testimonials | Relocation | Renewal | Renegotiation

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